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Pet Stairs are not for human use. 
A few years back my sister noticed that her small dog (a Chihuahua) stayed in the same spot whether it was on the bed or couch.  She figured out that he had a hard time getting down from higher places.   

When she asked me what she could do to help him I recommended that she get these steps, because I was familiar with the product.  

Solvit Pet Stairs have features that I like. There are several styles including wood finishes to match your furniture if you want something like that.  I also like that they can be adjusted, folded flat and moved to wherever you need them.   

They’re safe, and the steps are a non-skid material so they won’t slip.  One thing that I recommend though, is to put a rug with backing under it for those who what to put it one a surface other than a rug like wood or tile floors.  

They come in different sizes to fit any pet up to 200 pounds, but the product itself weighs less than ten pounds.  Being light and the fact it folds makes it convenient to take along in traveling.  That was a real concern of ours when our dog needed help getting into our vehicle when she got older. 

If your pet is older like some of mine, they have had difficulty in climbing to their beds. Pet stairs give them the confidence they need to get to where they want to go without slipping or falling.

They also keep me feeling assured of their safety with the non-skid surface. The nice thing about these steps is that they work for all pets, not just dogs. 

Does your pet have trouble climbing? Then Solvit’s Pet Stairs are what your pet needs to be able to reach their favorite locations in the house. 

Whether your pet has difficulty climbing up or down furniture, Solvit Pet Stairs are a solution. Solvit's stairs are sturdy, yet attractive, and perfectly safe to help your pet with their climbing needs. 

Choose from a variety of styles and sizes including pet ramps for when your pet needs to travel. Just be sure to get the right one for the weight of your pet. 

You and your pet will be confident in using safe stairs that are specifically designed for your pet. No fuss stairs that are easy to use and store, with non-skid surfaces. 

Look for the free shipping information on selected Solvit products and lifetime warranties.

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  1. Looks like a very good solution for an older dog, especially a small one.