Arm & Hammer Litter Mat with Scatter Control Review

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Working with rescue animals we are always on the lookout for products that make life a little easier, and aren’t too expensive.   Thankfully one day while I was out shopping for pet food I came across this litter mat that seemed different than the others we have tried.  Yes, Arm & Hammer has come up with a floor mat that really does capture the scatter from your cat's litter box. 

No matter how hard we try any cat owner knows it’s an ongoing thing to keep the area around the litter box free from loose litter.  The A & H mat has been so helpful and that’s why I wanted to tell you about it. 

The mats are neutral in color and made of a rubber type material with hoops and loops on the face side.  Unroll the mat and after a few hours it will flatten out perfectly.  I placed it on a table on the reverse side first before placing it on the correct side on the floor. 

As kitty exits the litter box she/he steps on the mat and excess litter gets caught in the mat and not on the floor.  It doesn't catch all the litter, but it does a good job and is well worth the price. 

These mats come in different shapes and sizes and can be placed on any type of floor. Personally I would like to see some larger sizes that would give more area for the cat to step on before heading off to the carpet. The more time they spend walking across the mat, the less litter they carry off with them. 

Pro’s & Con’s Usage 

Even though some don’t like this about the mat, I like that they are light weight and that makes clean-up simple. Depending on the type of floor you have it may shift because it is lighter, but it still does the job for the most part.  For the record, all of ours do lay flat and don’t slide much if at all. 

Another nice thing about being lightweight is that it’s easy to take with you when traveling, especially if you have to stop at a hotel or are staying at someone’s house.   

This mat works extremely well for older cats, because they are so convenient and easily swapped out for when these seniors miss the box.  I love it for kittens as well, because they think the litter box is a playground.  It helps contain some of that “playfulness” they tend to do on a regular basis while in training. 

For general maintenance, just hold the mat by each end and shake the excess off into the litter box.  Every other day take it outside and give it a good shaking. You can even vacuum it if you like, but make sure it’s not wet. 

Cleaning the product isn’t a problem either.  Wash it in soapy water using a mild detergent and rinse until it is thoroughly clean.  Let it dry and it's ready for use.  

We have both the circular and rectangle shapes, but I still wish the mat was a little larger for multiple litter boxes. 

Half Circle: 23.5 x 14 x 0.3 inches
Rectangle: 23 x 13  
In the end, this is one of those items that I wish I had found years ago.  A good price for the product and it really does work when taken care of properly.  
Arm & Hammer Litter Mat
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