Solvit Delux Pet Ramps for Vehicles

This is the Solvit Half Ramp.
Traveling with large dogs sometimes it was hard for them to get into our vehicle, especially when we rented one for distance traveling because they were higher.

Having a sturdy ramp that we could transport with us would have really help both pet and owner at the time.  I didn’t discover these until after the fact, while checking out pet stairs.

These ramps do come in several sizes, but they all are light weight and have a good traction surface so the pet won't slip. That is really important or you'll never get your pet to trust walking on the ramp.

The nice thing is that it will extend to the distance you need ranging from 48-87 inches long, (depending on the model) and it's plenty wide. Don't be concerned about it flopping open when you're carrying it, because it has a locking latch that keeps it in position.

Solvit Ramps Are Easy to Use & Transport

Lightweight at only 7- 18 pounds (depending on which ramp you select), and supports up to 250-300 pounds.

Whether you have large or small pets, this ramp will make them feel confident as they enter the vehicle.

Solvit Delux Telescoping
 Pet Car Ramp
The Solvit Half Ramp for Pets (as seen in the above photo) works great for vehicles that are lower to the ground. They have rubber feet hold the ramp securely in place for pet to walk on the high-traction surface with ease.

However, the Solvit Delux Telescoping Pet Car Ramp (seen on the left) works best for vans or trucks, and is better for larger pets.

After the pet is in the vehicle it lays flat and can be moved out of the way, even storing it under a van bench seat.

The ramp is easy to clean and store. You may like to store it in the secure carrying case when not in use. It's sold separately. Perfect for people that travel with their pets, plus it makes a great gift for any pet owner.

Solvit Pet Ramps - Best combination of size, strength, and light weight available.
Ramps may vary in size, but they are all sturdy with a high traction walking surface.

Watch the short clip on how these car ramps for pets can be easily installed and removed for comfortable traveling for your animals.  This is the larger ramp.  It also has a carrying case that is sold separately.


Combine the Solvit Pet Stairs and Ramps as the perfect gifts for pet lovers.

Look for FREE shipping on selected Solvit Products.


You may like this helpful training video to show how to get your pet to use the ramp safely.  Please follow the direction correctly so that the animal learns how to use this product correctly. Always use a leash to assist your pet into the vehicle.
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