Friskies Pull ‘n Play Cat Treats Play Pack Review

Friskies Pull ‘n Play Cat Treats Play Pack 

When I first saw this item it was something I could imagine my cats having fun with for hours on end. OK maybe not hours, but at least a little while so they would stop jumping on me while I’m working at the computer.  

After purchasing the product for $5.88 at a local store I tested this cat friendly toy and treat item out on a few dozen rescue cats as well as my own.  The reviews are truly mixed. 

Meet Wobbert 

Let me start with the product itself. The package comes complete with the plastic wobbly toy affectionately named “Wobbert.”  It resembles the children’s toy Weebles due to the “not being able to knock it over.” 

Wobbert is durable plastic and can be easily rinsed out to maintain proper cleaning for your pet(s).  His green head unscrews so you can place small sized cat treats in his tummy.
The cats retrieve them by pushing Wobbert around until yummy treats fall out the side hole. 

The top part of his head which is the lid, has two holes in it to thread the string treats through from one side to another.  After the string is threaded turn it upside down and screw it back on the body.
The Mixed Review 

To say that I’m completely satisfied with this product isn’t exactly accurate.  I love it, but I don’t. Here’s why. 

PRO - The overall size is purr-fect, it’s cute, easy to maintain and washes up in a snap. So no problems in the manufacturing part here.  Basically I think it’s a neat idea for a cat toy. 
Cats think differently when it comes to working for treats and getting them out on to the floor. Unlike dogs who are willing to retrieve, fetch, roll around and play to get something tasty, cats (at least the ones I know) expect food to be placed in front of them promptly. 

CON - I tried placing Wobbert on a rug and vinyl surface; it worked about the same.  There is no difficulty in loading Wobbert. The problem seems to be with getting the treats to fall out of the side of the item.  In order for them to flow out freely so the cats remained interested you have to fill the product at least half way full.  If I kept doing that the party mix would cease providing a “party” after the third fill. 

CON - Another problem is that he (Wobbert) is pretty heavy in his bottom, so he doesn’t really wobble much.  They would try swatting at it and push it a little but not much happened.  I couldn’t keep the cats interested in the toy for too long even though they sniffed around to find the treats. 

PRO with a stringy twist - The positive side of the toy also has a bummer side.  They loved the string treats and pounced on them as soon as I put the toy on the floor. 
Depending on how you load them into the lid, two cats can bite away at the delicious string at the same time.  Once they chew down the string, the small piece inside falls into the bottom and eventually falls out like the other crunchy treats.   

PRO - Trying to see if I could get one cat to take the treat, I put one of the string treats (it came with chicken and cheese flavored strings) on the floor. This was without using Wobbert.  

It was the cats meow!  He played with it a whole ten seconds before getting it stuck under the refrigerator.  Using a yardstick I tried to get it out, but it took me a while to do that.  Oh not because I couldn’t find the stringy goodie, but my cat liked playing with the yardstick. 

CON - Now here is the only part that’s the downfall … the refill price.  The original Friskies Pull 'n Play container comes with one 8" trial sized string treat package, one crunchy party mix pack and of course, Wobbert. Not a bad deal for under $6.00. 

Unfortunately to keep Wobbert and your pet in treats you have to paw out $2.88 for a 2 ounce string treat and anywhere from $3.50 - $8.00 for the crunchy treats.  The regular sized string treats are 9" and you get two sections in the package each containing 9 treats (18 in all).

TIED - You could skip Wobbert and buy both of the treats separately if you want, but how would that make Wobbert feel? 
The string treats come in 3 flavor selections: chicken and cheese (which comes in the gift pack), Tuna and crab flavor, and salmon and shrimp. 

To keep the string treats from drying out, be sure to keep the container or put them in a plastic sealed bag after opening.  The cats still like them, but you won't be able to feed them through Wobbert's head because they get hard.

Watch the fun in action on this commercial. 



I know all cats are different.  Some would swat at Wobbert and have fun seeing the snacks fall at their feet, but mine would rather stand around it and watch me sock the little guy into giving up his hidden treasures.  That was sort of funny in itself though. 

So would I recommend Purina Friskies Pull ‘n Play cat treats play pack?  Yes, even though it has some price issues.  This is a treat toy that can actually be used without the string treats if you only want to purchase them for special occasions (like the cat’s birthday or holidays).   

Wobbert has no problem accepting other cat treats either.  My cats only get treats on special days.  However, they don’t know that. Instead of buying expensive treats I actually treat them to a different flavor of dry cat food that lasts for several months. 

I select a brand that is well balanced, has fun shapes and isn’t too high in protein for the older cats.  They think they’re treats, because it’s not their regular food.  Instead of paying $5.00 for 2-3 ounces of treats I pay $4.50 for 3 pounds of Meow Tender Centers Mix or 9 Lives Daily Essentials.  They fit in Wobbert nicely and fall out pretty easily.   

Go ahead and have fun watching your pets play with Wobbert.  He is a good sort, and on a good note if your cat doesn’t like it, your dog will. 

If that doesn’t work, you can always fill him with sand and make Wobbert a door stop!  I'd keep the treats coming though ...
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  1. I don't currently have any cats, but I am sure the people who do will appreciate the experience with your cats and your honest review.

  2. Fay, that is terrific. Last Christmas, we gave our son's cat a toy and he opened it himself because he could smell what's inside. Maybe next time, this Friskies will be ahit, too.